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Born and raised in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, Bud knew at a very young age that he was destined to entertain. He first started performing small “radio shows” with a karaoke machine and a tape player at age 8. When not spinning tunes he would also create his own talk shows and movies with a small black and white camera. But it wasn’t until he was a senior at Highlands High School that his voice went out to the masses. He called himself “Bluebird Bud” and did the morning announcements. Not one student or teacher ever slept through his colorful take on the (usually boring) school announcements.

After high school he set his sights on TV and co-anchored a Saturday morning TV news program known “The Point” with Local 12 and CinCW. But after having his taste of the TV world, he came back to his first dream…radio. He started as a promotions intern with Cincinnati’s Q102 in 2008. He later did part time on air work for both Q102 and B-105. Now, Bud is the Promotions Coordinator for both B-105 and The Wolf, as well as the on air talent for The Wolf, 7 p.m.-midnight on weekdays.

Besides holding those illustrious titles, he’s a chicken wing expert, co-owns the #1 Haunted Attraction in the Tri-State (The Dent Schoolhouse) and acts on the side for local movies and personal entertainment!

Bud’s Stash Experiment

So I shaved my beard down to a stash and kept it for one day. During that day, I video taped interviews of what people thought… take a look. Bud\'s Mustahce Experiment on YouTube

1 Country Win for 38th People Choice Awards

*38th People Choice Awards Last Night Taylor Swift was the only winner in country music taking home the Country Artist Award. See the results below: FAVORITE BOOK ADAPTATION • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – WINNER • The Help • I Am Number Four • Soul Surfer – (Featured Carrie Underwood) • Water For Elephants FAVORITE MALE ...

Country Club Hits

Need to get your dance on? The 2011 Marco Club Connection Top Ten Country Dance Club Hits are: 1. Luke Bryan – “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” 2. Blake Shelton – “Footloose” 3. Big & Rich – “Fake ID” 4. Blake Shelton – “Honey Bee” 5. Gloriana – “Wanna Take You Home” 6. Billy Currington – “Love Done Gone” ...

Average Date Cost For Fame

According to Men’s Health, here are the amounts the Average Guy would pay for a date with: • $2,463 for a date with Angelina Jolie • $2,020 for a date with Scarlett Johansson • $1,236 for a date with Beyonce • $1,026 for a date with Salma Hayek • $216 for a date with Lindsay Lohan … I think Lindsay ...

2012 Predictions gave its predictions for the new year. The following stood out to me. 1. George Clooney wins his second and third Academy Award. 2. Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl for second year in a row. 3. McDonald’s adds the McRib to its permanent menu. 4. Pippa jumps onto the list of Top 10 baby names of the year. ...

Top Searched 2011 Gadgets

Have some Christmas money left over? BING has released their Top Gadget’s Searched in 2011! Below is the highest ranking technology searches: • Xbox and Kinect • Kindle • PlayStation • iPhone 5 • iPad • Wii • iPad 2 • Nook • Windows Phone 7 • Macbook Pro

Worst Holiday Movies

What’s the worst Christmas movie of all time? Fandango, the online movie ticket seller, did a poll of its its customers and here is what they got: 1. Santa Clause Conquers the Martians 2. Silent Night, Deadly Night 3. Jingle All the Way 4. Jack Frost 5. Santa With Muscles 6. Ernest Saves Christmas 7. Home Alone 3 8. Deck ...

Amazing Home Light Show

Now this is a show of lights… I am sure the neighbors say different though! Crazy Light Show!

Strange Santa Sightings

A Zombie Santa? Santa swimming with the sharks? Yeup… the man in red is everywhere! Check this out! Strange Santa Sightings