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De Niro: What’s a bachelor bash?

Robert De Niro didn’t know what a bachelor party was before his new film.

The 70-year-old actor stars alongside Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline in comedy movie Last Vegas, which follows the veteran actors as they visit Sin City for Michael’s character’s bachelor party.

While he has a great time in the feature, Robert has never experienced the occasion in real life and was overwhelmed by what Vegas had to offer.

“I’d never been to a bachelor party, I didn’t really know what a bachelor party was,” Robert admitted to British newspaper The Metro.

“The first time I went to Vegas, I was 17. I had a friend who was a dealer in a casino. It was real desert, still like the Wild West. Apparently, there’s a nightclub scene now. Back then, you gambled and then, at 4am, you went to the lounges to see Sinatra sing.”

The screen icon has taken on a number of memorable roles in his career, from gangster James Conway in Goodfellas to grumpy family leader Jack Byrnes in Meet the Parents.

Robert may not visit the cinema as regularly as he used to but he has noticed a change in how films are made and advertised.

“I don’t go to see enough films. But I’m told that since baby-boomers will still actually go to see a movie in a theatre – because it’s a communal experience that our generation is used to – there’s now a trend towards making some movies that those people could possibly identify themselves in,” he explained.

“You see it in the commercials for medications too. There’s so many of them because they’re appealing to this vast baby-boomer population.”

As he’s gotten older, Robert is aware the roles offered to him differ dramatically from those he previously embodied. However, rather than feeling bitter he is happy to accept the new parts and looks forward to the future.

“That’s just life. We can’t play certain parts any more. We’re playing the father or the grandfather or the great-grandfather and that can be written in a funny way, so it’s fine,” he mused.

“But you’re not carrying the movie as the young romantic lead – those days are gone. I’m hoping that if things work out with digital technology, they can finally make us look younger and I can go on for another 40 years.”

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